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White Oak Mills offers a full line of complete feeds, concentrates, and base mixes to meet the needs of independent swine customers as well as large swine integrator customers. The Company offers swine management services and contracts finishing spaces for use by its feed customers.

White Oak Swine Feeds

Sow FeedsWhite Oak Mills sows

White Oak Mills sow feeds are formulated to meet the nutritional requirements and demands of today’s modern breeding herds. Formulating feeds to give you the greatest performance while maintaining health, White Oak’s complete sow feeds include:

Gilt Feeds

White Oak Mills offers two lines of complete gilt feeds both of which are balanced specifically for the demands of today’s gilts. Amino acid-balanced, these diets contain the right energy levels and calcium:phosphorus ratio for backfat reserves, bone development and muscle needed to ensure sow longevity.

  • A two-phase feeding strategy of 552 (meal) or 553) Gilt Developer 50-150 feeds plus 554 (meal) 547 (pellet) Gilt Developer 150+ feeds
  • One feed for gilts: 556 (meal) and 555 (pellet) Gilt Developer III feeds — to be fed ad libitum from approximately 200 pound body weight to breeding.

White Oak Mills also has custom, complete gilt feeds as well as concentrate and base mix options for gilts.

Gestation Feeds

White Oak Mills gestation feeds are formulated for proper nutrition to grow the fetal pigs, maintain and grow sow muscle tissue and to replenish the sows’ fat reserves lost during previous lactations. Formulated to maximize the number of pigs per little and optimize weight of pigs at birth while optimizing the sow’s longevity and lifetime productivity, White Oak offers its customers two different standard lines of complete gestation feeds:

  • 550 (meal) and 551 (pellets) HP Gestation feeds
  • 546 (meal) and 545 (pellet) High Density Gestation feeds

In addition, White Oak Mills offers custom gestation feeds as well as has concentrates and base mixes available. All feeds can be formulated to be all-natural or conventional.

Lactation Feeds

White Oak Mills offers two lines of complete lactation feeds formulated and amino acid-balanced to maximize milk production and feed intake while minimizing muscle loss so to meet your lactating sows’ nutritional requirements:

  • 581 HP-12 Lactation Pellets and 582 HP-12 Lactation Meal feeds
  • 583 HP-10 Lactation Pellets and 584 HP-10 Lactation Meal complete feeds

In addition, White Oak Mills has standard concentrate feeds and base mixes available as well as all-natural lactation diets. We can also formulate a custom lactation ration specifically for your sow’s lactation needs.

Nursery FeedsWhite Oak Mills weaner pigs

Utilizing advanced nutrition and amino acid balancing, White Oak Mills offers its swine customers optimal, cost-effective nursery feeds formulated to get your piglet off to a great start. White Oak Mills offers producers a four-phase nursery feeding program for pigs weighing:

  • 12 to 14 pounds
  • 14 to 20 pounds
  • 18 to 35 pounds
  • 25 to 50 pounds

White Oak also has a three-phase nursery feeding program.

Feed budgets of these complete feeds can be adjusted to accommodate your specific starting and targeted feeder pig weight. Available in bulk and 50-pound bags and in pelleted or meal form.

Also, White Oak Mills has all-natural nursery feeds available.

White Oak Mills offers two lines of all-natural starter feeds for all-natural or antibiotic-free pork production operations. Contact us for more information.

White Oak Mills also offers a prestarter and starter base mix and start booster pac programs.

Grow-Finish FeedsWhite Oak Mills market hogs

Utilizing a wide selection of high-quality ingredients from the industry’s top suppliers, White Oak Mills manufactures pelleted and meal grow-finish complete feeds designed for optimal growth and performance. White Oak’s complete grow-finish feeding program consists of five phased feeds. Balanced for optimal energy level, lysine and other amino acids as well as fortified with vitamins, trace minerals and calcium, White Oak’s grow-finish feeds are available to