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Specialty Products

Ammo CURB #10103

Ammo CURB™ is a cost-effective, propionic acid-based mold inhibitor for processed feed ingredients, complete feeds and TMRs. Available at White Oak Mills as a dry product, Ammo CURB inhibits the typical mold growth found in processed corn in storage, handling and complete feeds.

Ammo CURB is a trademark of Kemin.


Bear River Zeolite (BRZ)

Clinoptilolite is one of the most useful naturally-occurring zeolites. Recent studies have uncovered benefits for dairy cattle that support health, reproduction and milk production. Through studies, we’ve noticed patterns and connections between metabolism of the dairy cow and clinoptilolite.

  • Health & productivity in terms of reduced incidence of hypocalcemia, reduced incidence of ketosis, improved energy status, increased absoption of IgG from colostrum, and decreased incidence of diarrhea
  • Metabolism in terms of milk production, lower somatic cell counts, better utilization of nitrogen and buffering pH
  • Nutrition in terms of providing available dietary nutrients
  • Clinoptilolite added to dry cow diets four weeks before calving has been shown to improve the cow’s ability to reach full potential throughout lactation.
  • Calves that received clinoptilolite had a higher number of healthy calves and lower incidence of diarrhea.

As your White Oak Dairy Specialist for the Dairy Research Review brochure for BRZ. BRZ is available in 50-pound bags, 2000-pound totes, and in custom dairy feeds.



Bovamine® is a patented direct-fed microbial product created from two decades of research. A Chr Hansen product, Bovamine® reduces lactic acidosis, enhances immune response to GI challenges, and overall improvement in GI development as well as provides gains in milk production efficiency.  Read more ….

Bovamine is a registered trademark of Chr Hansen.   Chr Hansen Logo 2


WOM Forage Extender #716

Palatable and easy to handle, WOM Forage Extender is designed for producers whose forage inventories have become tight. It is intended to extend hay, haylage and corn silage cost-effectively while maintaining production and body condition.


Nutri-Catalyst™ Live … with Bovamine® #13477

A combination of yeast and beneficial strains of microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria), Nutri-Catalyst™ Live benefits the rumen and lower digestive tract, leading to feed efficiency and improved animal health. Nutri-Catalyst™ Live is available in 40-pound bags and in custom dairy feeds.


PSI® Premium Silage Inoculant 165

PSI 165® Premium Silage Inoculants are a research-based blend of Lactobacillus plantarum, Enterococcus faecium, Pediococcus acidilactici, Propionibacterium freudenreichii, Bachillus pumilus, and four enzymes designed to provide 165,000 cfu/g of silage at the 1 lb/ton usage rate.

PSI 165® is designed to:
· Increase nutrient density of silage
· Reduce silage heating
· Speed fermentation and preservation
· Increase milk production and intakes
· Increase dry matter recovery
· Reduce effluent flow

PSI Dry Granular

PSI 165® Dry Granular #13921 (50 Lb Bag)

· 1 lb per ton for corn silage
· 1 lb per ton for grass and legumes
· 2 lbs per ton for high moisture corn

PSI 165® Water Soluble #13922 (1/2 Lb Pack)

· Treats 50 tons of grass or legume haylage
· Treats 50 tons of corn silage
· Treats 25 tons of high moisture corn

PSI 165 5X water soluble packPSI 165® 5X Water Soluble #13923 (1 Lb Pack)

· Treats 500 tons of grass or legume haylage
· Treats 500 tons of corn silage
· Treats 250 tons of high moisture corn



PSI® Buchneri Water Soluble #13924 (1 Lb Pack) PSI Buchneri

· PSI® Buchneri contains Lactobacillus buchneri, Lactobacillus plantarum, and Pediococcus acidilactici designed to provide 600,000 cfu/g silage
· Treats 100 tons of corn or legume haylage
· Treats 100 tons high moisture corn

PSI 165® Organic Dry Granular Bag #13925 (50 Lb Bag)

PSI 165® Organic is recommended for all silage types. Product contains no genetically modified organisms or ingredients. Product contains Pediococcus acidilactici, Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus plantarum, Bacillus pumilis, Propionibacterium freudenreichii, Aspergillus niger, and Bacillus subtillus. Applies 165,000 CFU per gram of silage at the 1 lb/ton usage rate. Usage rates are as follows:

· 1 lb per ton for corn silage
· 1 lb per ton for grass and legume silage
· 1.5 lbs per ton for high moisture corn



Click here for a PSI Silage Inoculant brochure.

PSI 165 early order formEarly order discounts are available each year for orders received and paid by February 1st for upcoming Spring and Fall seasons. Ask your White Oak Dairy Specialist for more details, or call White Oak Mills for prices.




All mined salt on earth was at one time sea water. Sea-90® contains the exact proportions of elements as sea water. Unlike salt mined from the earth that are subjected to geologic pressure and moisture that leach away elements and concentrate others, Sea-90® is produced by solar dehydrating sea water from a desert estuary receiving less than one-half inch of rainfall annually, thereby providing the complete spectrum of minerals and trace elements found in sea water. Sea-90®:

  • Is a source of highly available trace minerals
  • Has more available nutrients than the leading competitor
  • Is free of pollutants and heavy metals
  • Is OMRI certified for organic use
  • Contains less iron, which is known to bind trace elements and cause animal health issues

Inclusion rate is 2 to 3 oz per cow per day. Sea-90® is available in 50-pound bags, 2000-pound totes, and in custom feeds.


Sea-90 is a registered product of SeaAgri, Inc.    SeaAgri logo