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Organic Dairy Feeds & Products

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White Oak Mills has formulated a line of high-quality organic products which will complement on-farm organic grains and forages, including pasture. Designed to maximize production without decreasing herd health, White Oak’s organic product line includes:



Organic WOM Calf Feed Textured 50 Lb Bag #14051

White Oak’s Organic Calf Feed is designed to meet the needs of growing dairy calves. Containing 19% crude protein for optimum frame growth and overall calf development, this feed provides bio-available trace minerals from Sea-90® sea salt as well as additional vitamins and macro minerals required by developing calves. Bear River Zeolite (BRZ) is added to help improve gut health and reduce incidence of scours. This feed, formulated with organic grains and all-natural ingredients, is available in textured form and uses organic molasses to ensure high palatability and acceptance.


Organic WOM Dry Cow Pellet 50 Lb Bag #14052

White Oak Mills’ Organic Dry Cow Pellet is designed to meet the nutritional needs of the dry dairy cow. Intended to be fed with on-farm forages as a source of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals, this pelleted feed provides trace minerals in a bio-available form from Sea-90® sea salt with additional vitamins and macro-minerals added according to the requirements of the dry cow. Bear River Zeolite (BRZ) is included to enhance gut health.


Organic Spike Pack 50 Lb Bag #14050

White Oak’s Organic Spike Pack is designed to be fed along with Sea-90® sea salt. This product provides additional macro-minerals, vitamins, and selenium and can be incorporated into lactating, dry or calf/heifer rations. Please consult with a White Oak Dairy Specialist for feeding rates based on available forages.


Organic Kelp Meal 50 Lb Bag #14043

This product serves as a palatable source of select trace minerals. Guidelines for feeding are as follows:

  • Calves and heifers — 1-2 oz/head/day
  • Dry cows — 2 oz/head/day
  • Prefresh or lactation — 4-6 oz/head/day
  • Lactating — 3-8 oz/head/day


Bovamine Dairy Organic 500 Dose Individual Pack #10675

Bovamine® Dairy Organic is available in 500 dose packs. Live, viable, naturally-occurring micro-organisms, this product stimulates natural, healthy digestion of vital nutrients necessary for dairy cattle and helps to stabilize the rumen and lower GI tract. The feeding rate is 1 oz per head per day.

Bovamine is a registered trademark of Chr Hansen.  Chr Hansen Logo 2



PSI 165® Organic Dry Granular Bag #13925 (50 Lb Bag)

PSI 165® Organic is recommended for all silage types. Product contains no genetically modified organisms or ingredients. Product contains Pediococcus acidilactici, Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus plantarum, Bacillus pumilis, Propionibacterium freudenreichii, Aspergillus niger, and Bacillus subtillus. Applies 165,000 CFU per gram of silage at the 1 lb/ton usage rate. Usage rates are as follows:

· 1 lb per ton for corn silage
· 1 lb per ton for grass and legume silage
· 1.5 lbs per ton for high moisture corn