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Calf & Heifer Feeds

Raise Herd Improvements Rather than Herd Replacements With White Oak Mills’ CENTURY III Dairy Calf & Heifer Improvement Program

Proper feeding of dairy animals from birth to 23 months can prevent challenges down the road. Inadequately-fed calves and heifers grow poorly and fail to reach breeding weight at the desired age, resulting in later calving and less milk production. In fact, economic analysis indicates that heifers older than 23 months at first calving cost producers $50 per month, not including lost lifetime production.

White Oak views heifers as improvement animals rather than as replacements. Serving as the foundation of tomorrow’s lactating herd, heifers definitely are your most important investment for the future!

White Oak Mills’ CENTURY III Calf & Heifer Improvement Program is a comprehensive plan which includes high-quality White Oak feeds, nutrition, and management practices designed to help you effectively raise superior dairy animals. Flexible, convenient and cost-effective, the CENTURY III Calf & Heifer Improvement Program ensures dairy producers:

  • Strong, healthy herd-improvement animals
  • Proper growth rate so well-conditioned heifers can be moved into the milking herd at 22 to 23 months
  • Optimum profitability



Highly palatable, CENTURY III Calf Feeds c

ontain a special mold inhibitor molasses product, properly processed soybean products, high mineral levels, and top-quality, highly-digestible ingredients.

In addition, CENTURY III Calf Feeds contain Rumensin® to control coccidiosis and improve feed efficiency. CENTURY III Calf Feeds have high vitamin E levels which strengthen calves’ overall health and immune system. Feed up to 5 pounds per head per day.

Rumensin® is a trademark of Eli Lilly & Company.


Super Calf 21% – Medicated — #702White Oak Super Calf

  • 21% protein and high energy to achieve maximum growth and development at an early stage
  • Includes flaked beans, Nutri-Catalyst +Plus with Bovamine®
  • Contains Rumensin® to control coccidiosis and improve feed efficiency


Calf Starter 18% – MedicatedWhite Oak Calf Starter — #700

  • Formulated to meet the calf’s nutritional requirements and precisely blended to ensure excellent palatability, high growth rate, and balanced nutrition
  • Contains Rumensin® to control coccidiosis and improve feed efficiency


Calf Grower 16% – Medicated — #705White Oak Mills Calf Grower

  • To be fed from 2 to 6 months
  • Balanced nutrition promotes efficient development
  • Contains Rumensin® to control coccidiosis and improve feed efficiency


Beef Show Calf Feed – #707

Available in 50-pound bags and bulk quantities, White Oak’s Beef Show Calf Feed is designed for putting a finish on your calf by providing oats and citrus for conditioning and a finished protein of 12.5%. Feed at the rate of five to seven pounds along with a good-quality, soft hay. Keep clean, fresh water available at all times.



White Oak Mills-Fed Heifers



CENTURY III Heifer Feeds

16% or 18% Heifer Pellets — #726 and #728

  • A complete pellet fed at 4 to 6 pounds / head / day
  • Two protein levels to match your available forages
  • Rumensin® included for greater feed efficiency, gain
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Convenient, consistent quality
  • Please note our 728BG 18% Heifer Pellet is not a stocked item but can be manufactured in bags with advanced notice


35% Heifer Builder  — #792

  • All-natural 35% protein and high-energy supplement targeted for use by heifers from 5 months of age to springing
  • High vitamin and mineral levels
  • Supplements homegrown grains and forages
  • Fed at a one-pound feed rate
  • Rumensin® added to increase average daily gain


 Heifer VMR 1333 Premix — #842

  • Provides a high level of trace minerals and vitamins for optimal growth and health of dairy replacement heifers
  • Rumensin® for increased feed efficiency and weight gain

Rumensin® is a trademark of Eli Lilly & Company


Download White Oak’s CENTURY III Calf & Heifer Feeding Directions White Oak Mills calf and heifer feed usage directions


CENTURY III Calf & Heifer Improvement Program General Management Tips:

  • Colostrum feeding is a must for raising healthy calves, since it contains essential and irreplaceable antibodies, which maintain the animals’ health. Feed 4 to 6 pounds (two quarts) of colostrum from older cows immediately after birth and 4 to 6 pounds again before the calf is nine hours old.
  • After receiving colostrum for 4days, calves should gradually be shifted to CENTURY III Milk Replacer, a high-quality product line which mixes well.
  • Wean calves off CENTURY III Milk Replacer when starter grain consumption reaches 1.5 to 2 pounds per day for three consecutive days, usually between 4 to 6 weeks of age.
  • Do not feed ensiled forages to calves younger than 5 months old.
  • Separate heifers into groups based on weight to maintain consistent, rapid development. Heifers should gain 1.6 to 2 pounds per day if properly fed.
  • Breed at age 13 to 14 months when heifers weigh between 800 to 850 pounds.
  • Provide fresh, clean water at all times.
  • Deworm animals twice a year, preferably during the spring and fall seasons.
  • Follow your veterinarian-recommended herd health program.