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Bovamine® is a unique, patented, proven combination of a lactic-acid-producing bacterium (Lactobacillus acidophilus NP51) and a lactic-acid-utilizing bacterium (Propionibacterium freudenreichii NP24) direct-fed microbial (DFM). Manufactured by Chr Hansen, Bovamine® is the most thoroughly researched priobiotic on the market … with more than two decades of research and real world performance. Bovamine® works in both the rumen and the lower gastrointestinal tract, stabilizing the lower gastrointestinal tract and enhancing the general well-being of your cows (and replacements).

Bovamine®’s Benefits

  • Stabilizes rumen and small intestine functions
  • Fights harmful bacteria that would otherwise decrease immune demands on each cow
  • Contains specific live probiotics that enable the digestive system to improve the efficiency of nutrient absorption
  • Reduces lactic acidosis
  • Enhances immune response to GI challenges
  • Improves GI development
  • Provides gains in milk production efficiency
  • Live feed stimulates natural, healthy digestion
  • Serves as a management tool to improve feed efficiency, herd health and performance


By achieving all of this in a natural, environmentally and socially acceptable manner, Bovamine has rapidly grown in popularity and is now fed to 500,00 head of dairy cattle each day.

Bovamine® Dairy 500 Dose (#10673)

A source of live, viable, naturally-occurring organisms, Bovamine Dairy 500 Dose is fed at a rate of 2 grams/cow/day and is sold in foiled packages with 500 doses per pouch. Bovamine Dairy must be kept frozen until ready to use.

Bovamine® Dairy 1000 Dose (#10674)

Designed for larger dairies, Bovamine® Dairy 1000 Dose is more concentrated than Bovamine 500 Dose and contains 1000 doses per pouch. Must be kept frozen until ready to use.

Nutri-Catalyst™ Live with Bovamine®

By improving what goes on inside your cows, Nutri-Catalyst™ Live brings out the absolute best in milk production efficiency. Results show an average 4.3% improvement in milk production efficiency, with daily profit increases as much as five times the cost of adding Nutri-Catalyst™ Live. And the more valuable the feed you’re currently using, the greater the gain in productivity you’ll experience. The evidence is in … you have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you add Nutri-Catalyst™ Live to your dairy.


Bovamine® is a registered trademark of Chr Hansen Chr Hansen Logo 2