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White Oak Mills is committed to serving Pennsylvania and northern Maryland swine, dairy, beef and poultry producers with high-quality feed products and services. White Oak Mills is a full-service feed manufacturer and operates 24 hours a day Monday through Saturday.



With operations nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania’s agricultural industry, White Oak Mills has maintained a commitment to the agribusiness community since 1930, when the company was founded. In 1976, Mark and John Wagner bought White Oak Mills and formed a partnership, purchasing a small feed mill near Manheim, PA.

Having created a niche in a competitive industry, White Oak gradually established and expanded its personal brand of dairy and swine feeds. In addition, White Oak Mills began offering financial packages to both young farmers and established farm families so the “family farm” could be preserved.

In 1983, White Oak Mills enlarged its contracting services and began offering swine producers a variety of swine nursery and finishing barn contracts.

White Oak outgrew its feed manufacturing facility and purchased an Elizabethtown, PA, supply company dating back to 1871. After buying out the partnership in 1986, the corporation added a Shippensburg, PA feed store and grain elevator to support its growth in southcentral Pennsylvania.

The Company has experienced numerous remodeling and expansion projects throughout the last 15 years in order to maximize efficiencies and provide high-quality, consistent feeds — including adding a dairy molasses system, enclosing its receiving area, erecting new finished feed bins, adding a new crumbler system and a micro-ingredient system, and, in 2011-2013, building three 100,000 bushel corn storage bins.



Today, White Oak Mills remains an independent, family-owned company focused on manufacturing high-quality swine, dairy, beef, poultry and miscellaneous feeds. White Oak Mills manufactures and delivers bulk, bagged and toted livestock and poultry feeds to farmers throughout southern and central Pennsylvania, northern Maryland, and New Jersey. Providing you with flexibility of over 230 high-quality, competitively-priced ingredients and additives from the industry’s top suppliers, White Oak Mills has the ingredient flexibility required for providing you with all of the feeding options needed for your operation.


Having remodeled our facility numerous times since the mid-’90s to include the latest technology and equipment, our modern manufacturing facility is designed to provide producers with high-quality, accurately-formulated feeds. Using the highest-quality ingredients and implementing various quality assurance programs, the Company’s focus on technology with its truck fleet and manufacturing facility has allowed us to adapt to our customers’ demands.

We manufacture feeds in meal form, pellets, crumbled, and textured (a blend of meal and pellets).

White Oak Mills Feed TruckThe Company has its own truck fleet of tractor trailer and triaxle trucks to accommodate your specific load size, with each truck equipped with a disinfectant kit to meet specific on-farm biosecurity protocol. We deliver feeds Monday through Saturday, round the clock.

Our motto remains unchanged from the Company’s start: to provide high-quality products and services. Our goal is to help producers remain competitive in the constantly changing agribusiness industry.


You can count on White Oak Mills’ commitment to quality, consistency and service. White Oak Mills … high-quality feed products and services working for you.

Call toll-free 800.468.5524 to discuss ways in which we can work with you on your feed needs.